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Frequently asked questions

We want you to feel completely comfortable about working with us. So here are the answers to the questions we get asked most.

Yes, you can order allergen-free food such as no gluten, wheat, lactose, nut, egg, soy, or lupins. The menu description mentions gluten-free (GF) and dairy-free (DF) options, and there are many more allergens. We recommend (we’ll ask you anyway) telling us if you have any aversions, allergies or intolerances to any foods. Please let us know as early as possible, so we can guide your choices and create meals tailored to your needs.

We do bulk meal preparation, which means we can prep for the whole week or two weeks with some meals frozen and some fresh. We create family-style dishes which are three to eight servings in one container so you can reheat them easily for your whole family. Or you can choose to have individual portions which are 1 serve per container if it’s better suited to your situation.

Definitely! We’d love to show you how to cook your very own chef-inspired meals. We already have numerous clients of all ages that we help Build Capacity and Independence.
Not a problem. Simply let us know and we’ll custom-make any meal of your choice.

Not a problem. Simply let us know and we’ll custom-make any meal of your choice.

You can order as much food as you like, provided we can prepare it in the given time. As a guide, we can normally prepare about 30 main meals, plus a dessert or two and some snacks in eight hours.

Yes, there’s a minimum order for each type of dish. For example, if you order beef lasagne you will need to order a minimum of 5 portions. You can find the minimum amount beside each meal on the menu. It’s also dependent on your serving size.

Generally, no – providing the equipment is available for each meal. As a rule, 20 main meals would be a maximum. For example, a large pot might fit 20 portions of beef stroganoff. However, there are many variables so it’s best to ask before choosing your menu.

Yes, you can freeze most meals – provided you have the space in a good working freezer. Generally, all food including casseroles, pasta and rice dishes, roasts, and soups are freezable. Of course some things freeze better than others. Once again it’s best to check with us first. Our super fresh selection of salads is not freezable, nor is any product that was frozen when we purchased it. It’s best to ask when ordering.

Generally, a microwave is the easiest. For soups, a saucepan works well too. If you’d like guidance on how best to reheat your food, don’t hesitate to ask.

Not really, but we find a minimum of 5 hours up to a maximum of 8 hours is sufficient. This time includes shopping time, meal preparation, and cleaning up.

Each meal is individually priced for the cost of one portion. The menu provides the prices. We always try to keep the food cost as low as possible.

Yes, of course, providing it’s available. There’s a premium though, as organic foods usually cost more.

Salads and some snack items, no more than two to three days. If it’s a main meal or soup, for example, it will keep in the fridge for up to five days and in the freezer for up to three months. Because your food is cooked fresh in your home, it’ll have the maximum shelf life possible, provided your fridge and/or freezer are in good working condition and not overloaded. You also need to practice hygienic food handling. For example, never use your hands directly on the food when serving, or dip your fingers in to taste and return it to the fridge. Always use clean utensils so you’re not introducing pathogens.

We’re happy to help with any kitchen or food-related tasks such as cleaning out cupboards, cleaning the fridge, and restocking the freezer. We also help with food budgeting, shopping, and meal planning. Because we want to provide the very best in meal preparation services, we don’t offer other types of assistance. If you need help with tasks such as house cleaning, grooming or mobility exercises it’s best to chat with your Support Coordinator.

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Happy clients

”The satay chicken was a big hit with us all. I could have licked my plate. Thank you”


“My 12 year old ASD son is home today and tasted the lasagne, chicken drumsticks and stroganoff and was extremely impressed. His words exactly were “Mum when I get older I want to be a chef to cook like this and make people happy” said with a nice full belly.”

N. Borg

“I was actually going to send you an email today everything is absolutely delicious. Ian is very professional, friendly and his food is amazing. Hayden and Riley are super impressed especially with the bologneise sauce. They put it on their burgers last night.”


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