Chef created, home cooked meals.

More time for you

In-home meal preparation by a expert private chef

Our private chef service provide in-home meal preparation to improve your nutrition, enjoyment and independence. Get more time for the activities you love with our disability support services.

Improving lives through food

Nutritious and delicious food is fundamental for health, quality of life, and longevity. Everyone deserves flavoursome food and proper nutrition regardless of our abilities.

Your individualised needs are our top priority. We aim to be 100% aware of your specific requirements 100% of the time. By learning what food you like and we strive to get it as exact as possible.

That’s why iSupportChef’s your own qualified private chef provides satisfying, interesting and healthy food with flair. We care about supporting your optimal nutrition within the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

iSupportChef - Private Chef

Safe, healthy meals made in your home by your private chef

Our chefs are trained in all aspects of food handling including:

Texture Modified Diets

If you have a texture modified diet please enquire about textured modified foods and fluids (TMFs).

We’re experts in safe cooking and understanding your unique food requirements.

Meet your private chef

Jerome Bocquee​ - Private chef

Jerome Bocquee

Hi, I’m Jerome. Chef and Director of iSupportChef.

I’ve had many roles but food has always been at the heart of my career.

Starting as a chef, I moved into alternative medicine. Which led me back to cooking and then onto personal training. I then studied university-level nutrition and now here I am, in the kitchen supporting individuals and families who don’t always find it easy to access fresh meals.

This wealth of experience has taught me people really just want to enjoy their food. Finding ways for them to try new things and broaden their diet also helps to support healthy nutrition. Teaching people to cook stays with them for much longer than that one meal. I’m so grateful for every step that led me here.

When I’m not cooking, writing menus, sifting through recipes, conducting home visits, or talking to people about what they need in the food sphere, you’ll find me at the gym. I love to exercise and I love food.

If I was ever forced to live off one food for the rest of my life it would be a spicy dry lamb and potato curry wrapped up in a warm, soft, but flaky paratha, and just one glass of light red wine.

Ian Garrett​ - Private chef

Ian Garrett

My cooking journey started with my apprenticeship in January 2000, at the Sheraton Brisbane Hotel and Towers (now the Sofitel). Receiving runner-up for apprentice of the year and numerous awards from competing in Salon Cullinane’s, boosted my motivation to cook top-quality meals.

French and German chefs I worked with there heavily influenced my cooking style to this day.

I spent the next 10 years working for Voyages Hotels and Resorts, who at the time, owned several luxury resorts. I worked at Cradle mountain lodge, Lizard, Bedarra, Dunk and Heron Islands. Learning Asian-style cuisine along with cooking plenty of Australia’s freshest seafood.

After being Executive Chef at Voyages Hotels and Resorts, I oversaw the design and build of a boutique 6-star resort built on a cattle station in Cape York. I was the sole chef catering for a maximum of 10 guests but my role included tour guide, porter, and horse riding guide too.

Because Wrotham Park Lodge promoted its “Aussie Outback Experience”, I needed to create traditional Aussie meals using only native Australian ingredients.

After spending three years at Wrotham Park Lodge, I moved back to Brisbane to manage Dreamworld/Whitewater and Q1 Resort & Spa/Skypoint which are all owned by Ardent Leisure. When I first started all the outlets served the same “theme park” food. I was tasked with a five-year overhaul of the food offerings which resulted in the food they serve there today! After many years working in high-level roles, I decided to work in various casual jobs to allow more time for taking care of my two sons. I’m now focused on spending time with my family and supporting the local community

Kevin Hynes - Private chef

Kevin Hynes

Nice to meet you, my name is Kevin. Hail from Galway (Ireland) but have called Australia home for 15 years now and can’t believe how lucky i am to get in live in this beautiful part of the world.

I have been a qualified chef for 20 years, 15 of those as a Head Chef. As a passionate chef, I am love what I do and believe food and sharing meals is an integral and important part of any family’s life. I get the most personal satisfaction when I can educate people about food and cooking, and this has led me to be able to teach in cookery schools in both Ireland and here on the Gold Coast. This experience has allowed me to get comfortable with a variety of cuisines including, French, Italian, Greek, Thai, Japanese, Sushi, modern Australian and wholesome, healthy family meals. I believe the key to eating well is to eat seasonally and this as well as nutrition is something I hope to continue studying in the future.

When I am not cooking you can find me dining out with my wife, making music and travelling whenever I get the chance.

Riccardo Messora​ - Private chef

Riccardo Messora

I was born in Livorno Tuscany and began my culinary career in northern Italy. I graduated from the College of Culinary Arts near San Pellegrino and then worked in France. Then moved to the UK in London to be exposed to a much broader range of cooking styles working for prestigious establishments, Michelin starred restaurants, and private clubs. Now living in Australia with my family where I enjoy making the most of life, helping people through my culinary skills

“Messora made his mark at Enoteca Sileno’s Vino Bar in Carlton North but is able to spread his wings even further here, the already excellent Tutto Bene food has moved up a notch under Messora; his prawn and beetroot risotto, to name but one dish, is a masterpiece….” Article by Bob Hart 2009 – Young guns in the kitchen.

Mary Keys​

Mary Keys

Hi , I’m Mary.

I’ve worked as a cook for over 30 years. Worked in the outback as a cattle station cook, wedding caterer, large canteen provider, and also have owned my own business. I have a deep interest in making meals that are nutritious yet tasty and always made from scratch. I Absolutely love be your private chef and am up for being challenged to learn more.

Sam Kingsley​​

Sam Kingsley

Hi, I’m Sam.

I started in the industry when I was 14 yrs old then went to trade school in the UK to get my qualification. I qualified in 1985 then moved to Australia in 1988.

At iSupportChef I fulfil two my great loves. Cooking and caring! I consider myself very fortunate and if I can help enrich someone’s life for even one moment. I feel as if I’ve paid something back. My favourite food is forever changing. I love lamb fillet, cherry tomatoes, kipfler potatoes, and a feta salad with really good extra virgin olive oil. Life’s to short not to eat what you want!

Denis Smith

Hi I am Denis.

Food and cooking have been the most important thing in my life and I have been a qualified chef for over 30 Years. I meet my wife in the Kitchen of a five-star hotel many years ago. She is also a chef.

My daughter was born when my wife and I owned a small café in Buderim and played in the plastic containers under the bench while my wife and I cooked and served customers. My son was born when we both worked for a large resort and golf course on the Sunshine Coast and both the kids would drink lemonade and eat chocolate cookies after school at the golf club while my wife and I cleaned the Kitchen and ordered produce for upcoming events.

As the family got older, I changed career slightly but never away from food. I went into Food Product Development where for 12 years I developed products that are still sold in the supermarkets now. For 2 years of that I helped develop products for Lite’n’Easy.

Although I worked in lots of catering before my family, it is cooking for my family and friends that is the most satisfying. I like to build a rapport with my clients by finding out there likes and dislikes. I then try to make something that satisfies their hunger and helps them with the rest of their lives.

I can honestly say without cooking, with the travel it has allowed me and the people I have met I would not have lived the life I have. I do enjoy meeting new clients, learning there likes and dislikes and cooking for them as if they are my own family. It makes my simple life very rewarding.

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